Studio Blog August 2018

Studio Blog August 2018

August 27th 2018 The Wittgenstein Series continues. Having completed 6 doublesided panels for the exhibition at the Museum in the Park during June, John decided to carry on with the series, intending to have enough new material to enable the exhibition in Bath during the Autumn of 2019 to create a maze of drawings. For images and information about the earlier Wittgenstein drawings, see the Blogs in March and April.

Venus Out to Defy Age Gap (Wittgenstein drawing 7) (2018)


A Cross-Word Puzzle (Wittgenstein drawing 8) (2018)




And not to keep Astrid out of the picture, here is a sweater (owned by Paul Rosenbloom) in tribute to Ad Reinhardt that has recently come to light.

Ever Been Ad? (date unknown)











A Matter of Life And/Or Death (Wittgenstein drawing 7) (2018)



A Bit Iffyish (Wittgenstein drawing 8) (2018)


John's newest work reflecting his frustrations with BREXIT

The Great British Britex It Fast (2018)