Openings-Closings Press

Since the founding of the press in 2006, John Furnival and Bernard Moxham have published books, prints and cards as strictly limited and signed editions

is dedicated to the principle, originally formulated by dom Sylvester Houédard (dsh), that new poetry must be a balance between image and text. The books, cards and prints produced by the press are all limited editions and provide creative communications between poets, artists and fellow travellers. Book prices range from £20 to £200. 

The Openings-Closings Press Ulysses Series comprises 36 volumes of books that promises to be the most lavish illustrated edition of Joyce’s Ulysses. Volumes 1 to 18 are illustrated editions of each of the chapters of Joyce’s masterpiece. The remaining 18 volumes bring together the work (plus commentaries) of the following artists contributing to the project:

Peter Bailey (Cardiff, Wales)

Siobhan Barrymore (Cork, Ireland)

Ian Breakwell (London, England)

John Christie (Suffolk, England)

Nick Cudworth (Bath, England)

John Furnival (Nailsworth, England)

Keith Hardwick (Cardiff, Wales)

Bernard Moxham (Cardiff, Wales)

Seamus O’Brien (Dublin, Ireland)

Tom Phillips (London, England)

Rey Tanaka (Kyoto, Japan)

Karl Torok (Bradford, England)

Shaun Walsh (Dublin, Ireland)

Steve Williams (London, England)

John in his studio in front of a print of his Mevaghissey (Cornwall) drawing


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