Studio Blog May 2021

John's Gravestones Drawings

Studio Blog May 2021

May 30th 2021 - The anniversary of John's passing. John had a fascination with graves and graveyards; not a morbid fascination but one based upon the beauty of the tombs, the memories of friends and famous persons and upon his sense of humour.

As shown in the leading image to this blog, John was particularly fascianated with the graveyard at St Mary's Church, Painswick, just a few miles from his home in Gloucestershire. The graveyard features some interesting tombs in a style suggesting memento mori and 99 yew trees. It is a legend that should the 100th tree appear then so shall the Devil! The keepers of the graveyard do their utmost to prevent that!

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The Burges family were very close to John, especially during his days as an art student, housing and feeding him in exchange for some art.