Workshops associated with John and Astrid's Exhibitions at Stroud

Workshops associated with John and Astrid's Exhibitions at Stroud

The following events are being organised at the time of John and Astrid's exhibitions:

There is the opportunity to meet the artists at the Opening on Saturday 26 May 2-5pm. Furthermore, to get a taste of the show, Clive Adams, former student of John's, and Jill Adams, workshops coordinator at SVA, 4 John St., Stroud. Sat 19 May 10am-3pm will give short talks at 11am and 2

Meet the Curator. On Sundays 3, 17 & 24 June and Wednesday 13 June (11am-4pm), the curator, Professor Bernard Moxham, will be available at the Museum in tha Park (Stroud). He will give a guided tour at 3pm and be available to answer questions throughout the day. 



On Sun 27 May (11am-4pm) there will be a Family Fun day with a Knitting Picnic led by Katharina Child of Atelier Workspace.  The suggestion is that particpants should bring a picnic. The event is free.



Over the weekend, Saturday 2 to Sunday 3 June (11am-4pm) there will be a Natural Plant Dye workshop led by Marianne van der Tas. Particpants at this workshop will learn about dye plants, preparing dyes and natural fibres, dyeing the 'colours of the rainbow' and experimenting with other hues. Members of this workshop will need to bring natural (undyed) fleece, yarn or silk for dyeing, an apron, rubber gloves, note pad + pen + lunch to share. There will be some yarn for sale. This workshop is for persons aged over 16 years. the cost of the workshop over the two days is £80. Booking is necessary (call 01453 763394).



On Saturday 9 June (11am-4pm) there is a further workshop, Stencils, Pencils, Art Utensils, led by printmaker/educator Andrew Morrison who designed the exhibition catalogue. During this workshop, participants will use hand-cut, commercial and found stencils to respond to John Furnival's work. The emphasis will be on exploring stencilling, building up layers of texture, colour, imagery and text to create complex artworks. Materials will be provided but members of the workshop are encouraged to bring special paper and images to work. The workshop is suitable for those over 16 years, preferably with some art background, and lunch should be brought to the event. The cost is £30 and booking is necessary (call 01453 763394).



On Saturday 16 June (11am-4pm) a workshop inspired by Astrid Furnival's work and words, Knitting with Words and Letters, will be led by Katharina Child of Atelier Workspace. Participants will knit with hand spun, natural dyed wool to create knitted blocks of words and colour. The workshop is suitable for those over 16 years who have with a good knowledge of knitting. While materials are provided, members of the workshop are asked to bring lunch to share. The cost is £40 and booking is necessary (call 01453 763394).



The Wordsmith's Studio (photo 8) on Saturday 23 to Sunday 24 June (11am-4pm) is a family drop-in workshop. What happens when words become objects? What happens when objects, text and image misalign? Periscope presents an immersive experimental event, a theatrical space filled with unexpected objects and tools in which to explore and create. Periscope artists, Alison Cockcroft and Emily Joy, provide participatory events and environments that encourage creative involvement in unexpected ways. The event id free for all ages.